Friday, October 14, 2011

Sanctuary Renovation UP in Michigan

Henninger's recently finished an installation in Michigan's Upper Peninsula at Guardian Angels Church in Crystal Falls.  Fr. Jeffrey Kurtz made a trip to Cleveland on March 14th to visit Henninger's warehouse to brainstorm for his upcoming renovation.  What he found were two marble panels that inspired him.
These panels featured a crown of thorns and crosses in an inlaid mosaic.  With a little creativity and conversation, a concept for the new sanctuary began to take shape.  A simple design for a new altar of sacrifice and ambo made of Bottacino marble with these panels as centerpieces.

Fr. Kurtz headed back to Michigan feeling optimistic.  Next a few designs were made and sent back and forth and altar rails were added to the plan.  Upon approval of the design, cutting and polishing of marble began.  New slabs of Italian marble were used for the facing on the sanctuary furniture.

Henninger's crew went to work in the marble shop with plenty of heavy lifting and precise cuts.  A truck was loaded and headed up north for installation at the end of September. After a long drive, a week followed filled with placing marble and cutting and even more polishing.

The following pictures display the sanctuary at Guardian Angels before the new altar of sacrifice, ambo, and altar rails, then after the installation.  Fr. Kurtz was very pleased with the result and Henninger's crew was happy to serve such a friendly community in the Upper Peninsula.

 "We are very happy with it but it is incomplete... now we need side altars for Mary and St. Joseph." - Rev. Jeffrey Kurtz
Henninger's crew may be headed back to Michigan soon...

Additional photos can be seen here.

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