Monday, January 16, 2012

Liturgical Art at Christ the Servant

Last week, Henninger's completed the fabrication of a large wood cross for a corpus that was to be hung at Christ the Servant Parish in Canton, OH. The cross was constructed to be large enough to properly frame the beautiful wood-carved corpus and to serve as a suitable backdrop to the sanctuary. The cross was constructed out of wood from pews that were originally housed at St. Stanislaus Church in Slavic Village in Cleveland and was given a rough-hewn look to match the hand-carved look of the corpus.

Upon arrival to Canton, the corpus was positioned on the cross, the previous cross was removed from the back sanctuary wall and the newly completed cross and corpus were raised into place. A detailed look at the process can be seen here in the progression video, graciously put together by Christina Stanley Morello of Christ the Servant Parish:

From concept through execution to completion of the project, the beauty and the artistic value of the wood showed through as the sanctuary at Christ the Servant was beautified with a focal point that fits the liturgical space and provides a piece of art for prayer and contemplation.

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