Monday, February 18, 2013

St. Brendan's Doors

Church doors are a entryway from the outside world into God's house.  With that being said, the doors themselves should be impressive and strong.  "These sacred portals enhance the religious experience and should not be overlooked in the design of newer places of worship" -God's House is Our House.

Old Facade of Church

St. Brendan Church in North Olmsted was ready to upgrade the front the church.  Fr. Tom Woost worked with Henninger's on the design of six new doors and stained glass transoms.
Door and Transom Design

One of Henninger's stained glass artists, Debbie Knopf, got to work, providing glass samples, and fabricating the panels.
Glass Samples
Stained Glass Studio

The hand made doors were built of solid African Mahogany by one of Henninger's cabinet makers, Tim Molnar.  The four panel, two light doors have arch shaped stained glass panels on the top.  Since the wood shop and stained glass studio are only 150 feet away from each other, collaboration and communication are optimized.
Fabrication in Henninger's woodshop - machining the arches, and detail of stick and cope joints with dowels
Staining and Finishing
Henninger's wood finisher, Nick Davila,  stained the mahogany, then applied three layers of UV protected varnish.  When the doors and stained glass were complete and the new hardware was ready, Henninger's installed the new doors.  The front of the church received a major upgrade.

"Henninger's has a very reliable, knowledgeable, and attentive staff. From the idea stage to the installation of the doors, they made the project enjoyable and exciting. The parishioners of St. Brendan continue to comment on the quality of craftsmanship and the beautiful artistry that flows from the original architecture of the church." - Rev. Tom Woost, Pastor of St. Brendan Church

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