Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Colorful Renovation

The members of St. John Neumann in Strongsville, Ohio wanted to bring more light and color to their church.  Due to the faceted glass windows and paint scheme, the church had a dark look that needed to be brightened up.  The first items on their shopping list were four new statues: Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, Blessed John Paul II, St. John Neumann, and St. Therese.  Henninger's proposed many options for these Saints and Blessed and the four selected were 5 foot fiberglass statues made in Italy:

While the statues were being made, the church was painted and new niches were made in the church.  The addition of these four statues brought a new colorful look inside St. John Neumann:

Meanwhile, plans were made for a new stained glass window. The church requested Henninger's to design an extra large stained glass window of Jesus and the Children to be fabricated and installed above the doors at the entrance of the church.

After the design was approved, Henninger's artists began the daunting task of making an 8' x 12' window with 15 panels of stained glass.

Photographs were used for models of the figures in the drawing. A holy card made the best model for Jesus' face.

After the stained glass was complete, Henninger's crew cut the opening in the interior wall, framed it, and installed it with a steel support frame.

The completed window finished St. John Neumann's renovation.  A bright, colorful new look for a vibrant community.

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