Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Tile Sanctuary

Old Sanctuary floor

St. Anthony of Padua Church in Parma, Ohio was in need of new flooring in its church.  Fr. Dale Staysniak contacted Henninger's for help in the Sanctuary.  The brick color, square pattern tile was dated and it needed an upgrade.  Henninger's supplied porcelain tile samples and a cream color tile was selected. 

Tear out of old floor

Henninger's flooring crew removed the old tile from the sanctuary.  A movable visqueen booth was built around the area that was torn up. This booth helps minimize the dust that is created during the tear up.


The installation process went very smoothly.  Father Dale selected to keep the wood strip at the edge of each stair.  The contrast should help parishioners see the steps so they don't trip.

The following pictures are impressive "before" and "after" shots:

St. Anthony of Padua - before new tile

St. Anthony of Padua - after new tile
The finished product made the sanctuary look richer and cleaner.  Everyone at the church was pleased with the work and Henninger's was proud to help.  After the sanctuary was finished, new carpet was laid throughout the church and Henninger's crew moved the pews and re-installed them when it was finished.

New porcelain tile

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