Friday, May 8, 2015

Replacement of Mary Statue

In the winter of 2014, vandals pushed over the marble Mary statue in front of Our Lady of Peace in Cleveland, shattering the statue into 4 pieces.  Since puzzling the pieces back together was deemed too costly, Henninger's assisted the Church in finding a statue that would replace the damaged statue.  Working with carvers in Carrara, Henninger's and Our Lady of Peace finalized the design and size to create a new statue of Mary, carved out of Carrara marble.

Once completed, the statue was sent via ocean freight and, upon arrival, uncrated and installed - and secured - in front of the Church, where the previous Mary once stood for so many years.  With the new Mary in place, the entrance to Our Lady of Peace is back to looking as it always has, with the kind face of Mary as a welcome to all who visit.

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