Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Clergy Box

Clergy Box is a no commitment subscription plan that Henninger's offers busy priests who don't have time to shop for clergy apparel.

Clergy Box by Henningers
At one time, summer meant a slower period in the calendar for everyone - clergy included. But as demands on everyone's schedule increases, "free" time has decreased across the board. Whether you're covering multiple churches, coordinating communion calls, wake services, or running to Costco on your "day off" for items needed for the Church, your time has become a sought after commodity.

We hear it in in our showroom when priests come to pick up hosts or linens on their way to another errand. We also see the number of internet orders placed after midnight on Tuesday... the only time that shopping for yourself has become feasible. With that in mind, Henninger's is introducing a new way to shop for clergy apparel: Clergy Box.

With Henninger's Clergy Box, you can pick the the type of item to fill your box (clergy shirts, albs, or both), the frequency of the shipments, and the budget per shipment. If you need help picking the right box for you, give us a call at (800) 362-0217. We are happy to walk you through the options. We welcome your feedback to this new subscription service offering. Henninger's wants to make it easy for you to stock up on the clergy apparel that you need.

Because we're so excited about Clergy Box, we are offering free shipping, and you will always receive a higher dollar value on your order than the amount you are billed. For example, if you select a $400 box, we might send you $440 or $410 worth of albs and shirts, but you will always be billed $400. All items are returnable and exchangeable, and we'll pay the freight both ways.

What will be in your Clergy Box and how often will you receive it?  You might select the $100 clergy shirt box with a frequency of "ONCE A YEAR".  You will likely receive two clergy long sleeve tab collar black clergy shirts - once now, and again every 12 months.

Clergy Box subscriptions cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.


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