Tuesday, December 31, 2013

St. John Neumann - Sunbury, Ohio

Fr. David Sizemore's congregation was getting too big for its building.  St. John Neumann's current church was built in 2003 and dedicated in 2004.  In less than ten years, a new project began to more than double the size of the church.  The side walls were knocked down to expand the areas on the left and right of the church.  One of the greatest challenges was to add beauty and art in the space.
Annunciation Stained Glass Window and First Station of the Cross
Fr. Sizemore purchased stained glass windows and Stations of the Cross from Henninger's inventory of used church goods.  The Stations were repaired and touched up by Henninger's statuary artists.  The stained glass needed to be expanded to a larger size.

Original Window                                   Expansion Design                                          Finished Window
The goal of the expanded borders was to match the style of stained glass used 100 years ago when the original windows were made.  Our stained glass artists worked for many weeks to fabricate the 60 new panels (6 new border panels x 10 windows).

Debbie Knopf and Betti Senko in Henninger's Stained Glass Studio
The result of their hard work is pictorial Life of Christ in St. John Neumann Church:
Large Archtop Windows Featuring the Life of Christ
Henninger's also fabricated new stained glass windows for the church, in the style of the windows above.  The Rose Window is made of 17 panels including a Dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit, in the middle.

Rose Window
Two Adoring Angel windows were made for the left and right of the sanctuary.

Adoring Angels Stained Glass Windows

St. John Neumann also contracted Henninger's to handle the woodworking on altars and statue niches for their church expansion.  The centerpiece of the church is an antique back altar that was rescued by Fr. Kevin Lutz and restored by Henninger's.

Our woodworkers replaced all of the missing pieces, milled new pillars, expanded the width by adding left and right wings, and repaired any damage to the altar.

Rescued Altar

Natalie Molnar and Tim Molnar with Restored Back Altar in Henninger's Woodshop

Altar Installed On-Site
 After our crew installed the altar, the staining, painting, gilding, murals, and all finishing was done by Conrad Schmitt Studios.
Completed Back Altar with Gilding and Murals
Two side altars were made new to match the style of the antique back altar.  Again, Henninger's handled the woodworking and Conrad Schmitt Studios did the finishing and murals. The Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph Statues were original to St. John Neumann Church.  Henninger's repaired and repainted them in a new color scheme.

Marian and St. Joseph Side Altars
Two statue niches were made using parts from the antique back altar.  These niches hold new statues of St. Kateri Tekakwitha and St. John Neumann.
Statue Niches
It was a pleasure working with everyone at St. John Neumann Church and very fulfilling to help them with their church expansion.

"I am in awe every time I walk into our new church and chapel. Immediately I feel the presence of Our Lord. The history of holiness shines through the stained glass; the Holy Spirit Rose Window points to Christ's presence in the tabernacle upon the Altar of the Blessed Sacrament.
God has been with us in every stop of the process to expand and beautify our worship space. From selecting our architects, contractors and consultants to finding our carved wood Altar of the Blessed Sacrament, Stations of the Cross and stained glass windows to our parish families raising the funds necessary to move forward. Praise and thanks be to God!"
 - Rev. David Sizemore
To view pictures of the dedication mass, click here.

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