Monday, April 7, 2014

St. Clement Doors

St. Clement Church in Lakewood approached Henninger's for a design and quote for the church's main doors.  Pastor, Rev. Joseph Workman wanted wood doors with stained glass panels.  He also wanted to incorporate the unique shape of a crucifix hanging in the church sanctuary:

Henninger's artists worked up a few designs to show the interior and exterior of the new doors.  The style of stained glass was meant to mimic the rest of the church.

Henninger's woodworkers and stained glass artists began work.  Doors were in construction in one side of the warehouse while glass was being cut and painted 100 feet away. 
Doors getting stained, stained glass panel on light box
The doors were stained dark on the interior side to match the existing wood stain.  A lighter, natural finish was selected for the exterior.  The stained glass panels were encapsulated into thermal units for safety.  Finally, when the doors, glass, and hardware were all ready, they were installed during the week of March 31st. 

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